Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Just Grow, Not Up

This gig of growing up, such a harsh and beautiful transition. Going from showing friends around to all your favorite dive bars to get sloppy drunk, to showing them all your favorite eateries and coffee shops to get sloppy caffeinated and bloated. Travel becomes more of who you are with, than where you are going. Getting wasted on the weekend turns into having copious amounts of wine during the week. Remembering the days where work didn't seem so important; nice to have money but not a necessity. Now living to work instead of working to live; maybe it's a bit of both. All of these strings to seemingly come to a point towards the end where they're all tied together in retirement. This grand idea of finally being able to go places and do things that you've wanted to do your whole youthful life, but have felt the reason to wait till the ending. I could say that money, work, kids, life, opportunity is the cause of all this but I feel like that would be a lie. Money may have a restraint on how far you go, but not necessarily on going. Take your kids with you, work and life will be there when you get back. Opportunity is what you make, not what comes along. There is obviously a physical side to age, but I know to leave well enough alone sometimes.

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