Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Home Without a House

It’s been roughly a week since the meeting of Marty and Brian. There’s been a handful of acquaintance conversations and coffee overnighters at The Diner. Kaylene and I are heading over to the place where they are currently residing to hang out for a bit. We walk inside and are greeted with a new face, this would be Ben. Someone I would later form the opinion of being a human penis with ADD. He’s good looking with a nice body, but deep down you know you’ll get fucked in the end, one way or another.
We don’t spend too much time at the house. There’s a tense feeling in the air. Not having known the boys very long, there’s not much that I can guess as to what the reason might be. Marty decides somewhat hastily that we need to go; nowhere in particular, just anywhere but there. We head back to Kaylene’s house for a few hours to bullshit and decide what to do for the day. As usual, a multitude of people come and go while we’re there. As the evening gets closer, we decide to have night of drinking and general hanging out.
I assume that due to a lack of attention from Kaylene, Brian has turned his radar to me. A multitude of verbal compliments and impromptu hugging ensues. I must admit there’s a charm to that red-headed boy. His smile can light you up and his extravagant stories can make you forget your worries. Unfortunately, I have already formed an unprovoked attachment to someone else. I was hooked that first night in The Diner.
Whether or not Marty was keyed into this attachment I had made was unknown. Brian however, hadn’t missed a beat. With both of us on our way to happy intoxication that night, Brian and I begin chatting as if we had been life-long friends. Unabashed with his questions, the asking begins.

“So you like my friend Mary, don’t you”, more of a statement than a question.

“Um, well, why do you ask?”

“I can tell, plus you’ve been blowing off my advances. I like you and I think you’re hot, but it’s obvious that you like him and not me. Do you want me to talk to him? Try to get the conversation going? He’s really a good guy.”

“Uh, no. I think that would just make it worse.”

“OK, well, tell me about Kaylene. Is she seeing anyone?”

Just like that he was onto the next venture. I could hear the same compliments being given and the puppy-like infatuation ensued. Kaylene was an attention whore by nature, so this new devotion from a new character was being eaten up. I’m sure that it was exploited to the fullest extent that night, him refilling her drinks and lighting her cigarettes. I sat with Marty on the floor in the living room for the remainder of the night, watching whatever happened to be on and talking about nothing and anything. Before everyone passed out, Marty and Brian head back home and I attempt to get a few hours of sleep.
I get a call late the next morning from Marty, asking me to meet him at his house. Once inside, we immediately go into the basement and Brian is grabbing a backpack and filling it with clothes. I want to ask what’s going on, but think better of it and decide to just go along with the show. We head back upstairs after they have some clothes packed; Brian and I head outside to wait.
Marty comes out of the house roughly ten minutes later and he and Brian throw their things in the back of Marty’s little red truck. I hop in Rosy and we head back to Kaylene’s. It’s still morning and everyone leftover from the party the night before is still passed out, Kaylene included. We head onto the back porch and during a smoke the story unfolds.
Ben has essentially put Marty into a decision position. His new found fuck buddy is moving in, and in order for that to happen, Brian has to leave. A dick move, any way you look at it. Brian, mind you, is visiting from Michigan for a couple of months and is staying with Marty during this time. Ben has made it clear that he’s not kicking Marty out, just that Brian has to stay somewhere else for the remainder of his visit because his new vagina doesn’t like Brian. Making the obvious choice, Marty decides that if Brian isn’t welcome there, neither is he.
So here we are. Two weeks in, and my new friends are essentially homeless. They have no family here, and no other friends to crash with. Kaylene is awake by now, and the first few nights are on her. After that, none of us are really sure where they’ll stay. All I know, is that I’m not going to abandon them. I still don’t know either of them well, they could be serial killers for all I know; but at least they’ll have a friend in their victim if that be the case.

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