Thursday, January 1, 2015

Adventure Time

     “My insides are on fire,” Ashley complained.
     “How many times did I have to tell you not to eat that before you actually listened?” Martin's voice called back at the woman from behind a row of evergreen bushes.
     The last words hadn't even left the man's lips before his female friend began chewing another piece of the small purple fruit. Hunger relentlessly ravaged the pair for what was going on the 5th day of no food, an intense feeling unlike anything Ashley had experienced before.
     “But, they look like grapes, and taste like oranges.”
     “It hasn't even been a week yet,” Martin scolded, “we have fresh water, we don't need to roll the dice on any of this planet's food yet.”
     “You don't understand, I live for food. If I had known that this adventure would take us away from food for days at a time, I never would have agreed to come, and you know that. Besides, if I don't die or shit my brains out from eating this stuff, we can fill our backpacks with them for the next planet.”
     Martin glanced down at his skinny burlap sack of a backpack. He knew that packing light would be essential for success on this trip, but the rumbles from his tummy spoke in a language that knew nothing but how to second guess his decision.
     Ashley's lips smacked as she unapologetically continued to scoop fist fulls of this unknown fruit into her mouth.
     “Could you at least try to eat with your mouth closed?” Martin asked. A few moments passed, but much to his delight, the incessant chomping did finally come to an end. “Now that wasn't so hard was it?”
     An empty air filled the spaces of where a normally quick-witted retort from Ashley would have been.

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