Sunday, January 18, 2015

Starchildren 2 - Excerpt 1.0 (w/Gandalf's Eagles)

“What is the point of having a dozen servants if nothing is ever done correctly!?” Ali screamed in rage. 
The man’s three story chalet stood tall amidst the tiny village of smaller one and two story buildings. His top floor balcony gave any would be lookers the best views of two worlds colliding. On the west side, the Arabian Desert consumed everything within sight; innumerable grains of sand reflected a blinding light out and every which way. From the east side, a less hostile but still intimidating body of Persian Gulf water incessantly crashed against a rocky beach.
Just then, as if out of nowhere, Gandalf's eagles appear! The large feathered friends waste no time in beginning to dive bomb any and all enemies. The day is saved!  Huzzah!

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